Google Grant Management

Technology-enabled Google Grant management from a team that is passionate about democratizing the use of the Google Grant.

Affordable Google Grant Management

We use technology to make Google Grant management affordable for all. Price should not be a factor in amplifying the message of your nonprofit online. Raising awareness is a critical component of running a successful and fulfilling nonprofit organization. A common challenge is finding a way to spread the word about your service and benefits without the advertising budget of a for-profit entity.

Qualified 501(c)(3) nonprofits can receive up to $10,000 in Google advertising credits every month, with a maximum daily budget of $329.

Grow your non-profit with search ads

Get $10,000 in online advertising every month to promote your non-profit organization. Recruit volunteers, increase donations, and share your mission with audiences all over the world.

Google Ad Grants is a free program that gives eligible nonprofits $10,000 per month in advertising credits to be spent on ads in Google’s search results. It can generate up to 5,000 website visitors per month!

There are are 3 conditions you must pass to be eligible for Google for Nonprofits:

  1. Google for Nonprofits must be available in your country. See the list of countries here.
  2. Your organization must not be a government program, educational/child care institution, or hospital/healthcare organization.
  3. You must be registered in your country as a nonprofit organization. In the US, this means 501c3 status—even for tax-exempt organizations like churches. Other 501c designations are not eligible.

You are still eligible if you already have a Google Ads account; you just need to open another one for your Google Ad Grants. The Ad Grants and “regular” Ads accounts will exist separately, though you can view them together by using a Google Ads manager account.

Amplified Analytics Dashboard

Let’s be honest – getting actionable insights from Google Analytics isn’t easy. It was built for analytics experts with plenty of time and technical resources – unlike most of us.
Meet Amplified Analytics Dashboard, the tool that helps you take the right data from your site and turn it into smart business decisions.

What are the benefits of working with us?

More Donations

Because of our researched targeted keyword searches, the people coming to your site will be interested in what you do. With the help of a good website, those interested people are likely to want to help the cause. As experienced fundraisers, we help your organization make the most of this new interest and aim to increase your online donations.

More Volunteers

Volunteers are an important part of any nonprofit organization and there are never enough. Well-targeted keywords can attract new interest to your cause and help recruit volunteers.


You need to know what’s not going well in order to make it better. How? Through analytics, we can track what is working and what needs improvement. We make that data translatable in ‘non-techie terms’ and use it to get the best traffic results for you.